Community Co-Sponsorship

IRIS partners with community groups throughout Connecticut to help refugee families resettle. Community Co-sponsors play an integral role in helping refugees become self-sufficient and get off to a strong start in their new home country. Co-sponsorship is a collaboration among IRIS, your community group, and a refugee family.

In a co-sponsorship, IRIS delegates most resettlement tasks to your group. Co-sponsors secure affordable housing, collect furniture and other household items, and help refugees access public benefits (HUSKY/Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, and TFA/cash assistance for eligible families). Co-sponsors also enroll children in school, facilitate job searches, and perform other necessary tasks. IRIS looks forward to partnering with your community group in the tremendous mission of refugee resettlement!


Churches, synagogues, mosques and non-faith-based community groups have already answered the call to help refugees resettle throughout Connecticut. See where Co-sponsors have already welcomed families on the map below:

Steps to becoming a Co-sponsor

A co-sponsoring community group needs a core team of at least 10 lead volunteers. Co-sponsors will also need to raise $4,000-$10,000 (depending on the cost of living in your area) to provide a refugee family with short-term housing assistance. If your group doesn’t have enough volunteers or fundraising capacity, don’t be discouraged! You can pool your resources with other groups in your area. IRIS can connect you with potential partners.

1. Read the following materials:

Criteria for Co-sponsorship

Co-sponsorship Roles & Responsibilities

Refugee Resettlement and IRIS Family Placement 101

Co-Sponsorship Manual

2. Fill out the interest form. The IRIS Community Liaison will contact you.

3. Complete and submit a co-sponsorship application [to]

Guide to Co-sponsorship Application

4. IRIS will invite community groups with strong applications to participate in a full-day training session at the IRIS office in New Haven (trainings are usually one Thursday per month, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 235 Nicoll Street in New Haven.)

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