Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Bushra speaking

Staff members and our IRIS refugee ambassadors travel all over the state and region engaging with community members on important issues. We present in many different settings, encouraging connection to refugees, a deeper understanding of the refugee experience, and a celebration of the welcoming spirit that makes our nation strong.  We encourage you to attend any of our upcoming public events. 

If you do not find an event listed in a town near you, stay posted! We will update this page as new opportunities arise.

If you would like IRIS to participate in or plan an event with your organization, please contact Ann O’Brien at aobrien@irisct.org and we will be happy to make arrangements with you. We love meeting new people and organizations at IRIS!

Event Information:

  • Wed

    Milford Community Cocktails for a Cause

    Milford, CT

    This is a closed event, a private house party with a senior IRIS staff member as speaker providing an update on refugee resettlement and IRIS's work with asylees.  However, if you would like to organize a similar event with us in your community, please contact us at zmalik@irisct.org or by phone at (203) 562-2095  Ext. 231