Health and Wellness

Refugees come to the U.S. with a variety of physical and mental health care needs.pasted image 0 The IRIS Health and Wellness Program supports refugees of all ages in obtaining high-quality medical care.

The program’s chief partner is the Primary Care Center (PCC) at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which provides health assessments and follow-up care to all refugees at the adult and pediatric Refugee Health Clinics. These clinics are staffed by Yale Medical School residents under the supervision of an attending physician.

The IRIS Health and Wellness Program Coordinators (HWPC) provides medical case management including: communicating with medical providers, arranging interpreters, scheduling follow-up appointments, organizing and running the health and wellness education sessions and acting as an intermediary. They oversee all of the volunteers and facilitates care coordinators to help especially vulnerable clients. Volunteers often accompany refugees to doctor’s appointments, serving as interpreters and advocates for them.

The IRIS Health and Wellness Program Coordinator also serves as a vital liaison between IRIS’s clients and their health care providers. They HWPC assist IRIS’s clients in virtually all aspects of their formal health care including scheduling appointments and follow-ups, securing interpreters, accompanying clients to doctors visits and obtaining test results.