Employment Services

Refugees are ready to work to provide for themselves and their families ¦ do you have a job for them?

Refugees make exceptional employees. The IRIS Employment Program assists refugees with job placement and is continually seeking employers looking to hire qualified and reliable employees. If you would like to receive more information or have any questions, please contact Will Kneerim, Director of Employment & Education Services, at wkneerim@irisct.org.

10 Reasons to Hire Refugees:IRIS Refugee Employment

1. Take advantage of immediate placement – we have documented, qualified candidates ready to go to work for you.
2. Find workers with the skills you need – refugees arrive with a wide variety of skills in fields such as manufacturing, the service industry, electronics, engineering and personal care.
3. Increase your productivity – refugees bring an outstanding work ethic.
4. Save money – no need to pay for advertising, simply call us with your work order.
5. Embrace cultural diversity – increase the ethnic and linguistic diversity of your staff by adding workers from around the world.
6. Avoid paper hassles – we will complete your company’s new-hire paperwork and photocopy all necessary documentation
7. Trust your new hires – refugees routinely pass all criminal background checks and drug/alcohol tests.
8. Get on the same page– translators are available, if necessary, for initial training and orientation.
9. Enjoy immediate savings – there are tax credits and state programs that can benefit your business when it employs refugees.
10. Help a new family realize the American dream!

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