IRIS opposes the shameful and reckless ban on refugees issued as a revised Executive Order on March 6, 2017.  We vow to fight it. 


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IRIS has launched a campaign to get LEGISLATORS TO FIGHT to keep our promise to 60,000 refugees. The US agreed to welcome 110,000 refugees in 2017, but the president’s executive order cuts the number to only 50,000.  The lowest in history.

Recently the courts challenged this executive order, standing-up for refugees.  We need your help to keep pressure on Congress to stand-up for their part of this fight as well, to keep the refugee resettlement program funded.  

Our campaign aims to make 60,000 phone calls on behalf of 60,000 refugees.
Please help us do this NOW!

Courts cannot control funds. This part of the fight is up to Congress and YOU.

Will YOU lead a group to call on behalf of these persecuted people?
GROUP LEADER Instructions

Will YOU call Washington on behalf of refugees?
CALLER instructions

IRIS will update the tally of calls below.
AND if you send us pictures of your group making calls, we’ll give you a social shout-out! 



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